Ukan, Julieta’s Golden Rosé- Private: $35.88/BTL - License: $30.87/BTL


Ukan, Julieta’s Golden Rosé- Private: $35.88/BTL - License: $30.87/BTL


Sold in cases of 6 · Vendu en case de 6

Julieta's Golden Rosé was born inspired by the summers in St. Tropez, Tuscany and California. A rosé with nostalgia for past decades in its image, created by Saioa Goitia and Sofía Paramio, which, in turn, maintains the tradition and good work of the best wine experts in Rioja Alavesa, without sacrificing innovation in careful details such as its label, presentation in ice buckets , or its exposed cork. Its exclusive character on the palate is due to careful preparation using Tempranillo grapes selected by hand. It is designated a DO Rioja. Behind its name lies the story of the Juliet rose, the most expensive and appreciated rose in the world, named by horticulturist David Austin in honour of one of Shakespeare's phrases in his most famous work. Added to this is the affectionate wink of Sofía, one of the founders of this rosé, to her daughter, also called Julieta. From its bottle to its last drop, they are designed to make those who buy it enjoy themselves, and bring the classic essence of the world of wineries closer to new audiences, always being faithful to the current followers of their well-made products.
Année / Year 2021
Appellation DOCA Rioja
Grape Variety 100% Tempranillo
Case 6
Format 750 mL

Rioja Alavesa

Alcohol % 13.5%
Colour Delicate skin, pale pink with onion nuance.
Bouquet Freshly cut red fruits : Strawberry cherry. nose of stone fruit; nectarine with floral notes of roses.
Flavour Well structured body ,medium weight. Good acidity; fresh and fluid. Long finish and elegant and a tasty memory as it dissipates.
Pairings Chicken ,niçoise salad ,salmon ,feta, spinach, quinoa, duck ,lamb served pink ,veggie skewers on the barbecue ,Charcuterie, soft cheeses.
Serving Temp 8-10 C