The end of the last month of winter has passed and March is under way. Our weather here in Montreal is cold and snow is still part of the forecast. However, psychologically we Northerners know that the end is near and warmer weather will find us. In the meantime, I thought of a nice wine from the region of Piedmont to highlight, a beautiful Nebbiolo. Nebbiolo is the primary grape used in the great Barolo and Barbaresco wines but is a red wine in its own right, translucent like a Pinot and has a delicate smell, but when you taste one you are greeted with robust tannin and high acidity, a deceptive wine. Our Langhe Nebbiolo is such a great find for fans of Nebbiolo, a delightfully  expressive Nebbiolo with beautiful aromas of dried rose petals and red cherry fruit. The cherry fruit continues on the palate with hints of earth and a dome fine tannins, a real experience of flavour. While we wait for our turn of warm sun and spring air why not sit back and enjoy a bottle of Langhe Nebbiolo, easy enough for a charcuterie board or a mushroom pizza but robust enough for a great steak. Enjoy a Nebbiolo and I’ll find you here again in April)